Students may now complete forms online, as well as upload and download supporting documents, through Etrieve. If the student has not used the Etrieve service previously for submission of documents, information about this resource is located here: Instructions for Activating an Etrieve Account.

FERPA Release of Information or Consent

Verification FormsEtrieve (Electronic Form)2023-2024
Standard Verification V1EtrievePDF
Custom Verification V4*EtrievePDF
Aggregate Verification V5*EtrievePDF
Income VerificationEtrievePDF
Parent Identity ConflictEtrievePDF
Student Identity ConflictEtrievePDF
Unusual EnrollmentEtrievePDF

*(V4 and V5 notarized statements cannot be faxed or emailed. The original notarized statement must be mailed with copy of valid government-issued photo ID.)

SAP Appeal Forms2023-2024
Satisfactory Academic Progress AppealPDF
Worksheet for Satisfactory Academic Progress AppealPDF
Special CircumstancesEtrieve (Electronic Form)2023-2024
Dependency Override ApplicationEtrievePDF
Professional Judgment ApplicationPDF
Loan FormsEtrieve (Electronic form)2023-2024
Loan AdjustmentEtrievePDF
Parent Plus LoanPDF
Loan Obligation and ResponsibilityEtrievePDF
Other FormsEtrieve (Electronic form)2023-2024
Cancel AidEtrievePDF