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Apply for federal financial aid

所有学生都需要完成FAFSA. 联邦财政援助有三种基本类型.
点击 在这里 有关详细信息,.

  • 佩尔助学金
  • Federal or Private Student Loans
  • Federal Work-Study Program
  1. 重要的事情先做! Request a FAFSA PIN from pin.ed.政府.
  2. Everyone should complete the FAFSA or add 爱游戏电子竞技 to their existing FAFSA. 爱游戏电子竞技 code is 001514. 更多爱游戏电子竞技FAFSA的信息.
  3. 阅读联邦政府的学生资助报告. This tells you what you 五月 有资格获得助学金.
  4. 完成爱游戏电子竞技的经济援助申请流程. No aid without this. 更多爱游戏电子竞技爱游戏电子竞技的财政援助申请流程.
  5. 如果可以的话,参加经济援助研讨会.
  6. 了解你的经济援助申请是否有任何危险信号.
  7. 了解您是否已被选中进行验证. More on verification.
  8. 了解大学提交所有所需文件的截止日期.
    1. Fall……………………………………July 31, 2024
    2. 春天 ............................2024年11月14日
    3. 夏天 ..................................2025年4月18日
  9. 如果需要,请提交高中和大学成绩单. More on high school transcripts.
  10. Refunds of unused financial aid are sent to your selected refund preference with BankMobile.
  1. BankMobile

    爱游戏电子竞技 uses the financial services of BankMobile to manage student refunds and financial aid. For more information about BankMobile, visit: http://bankmobiledisbursements.com/refundchoicessso/.

  2. Quick Tips for 转学

    1. Submit all required post-secondary transcripts. More on post-secondary transcripts
    2. Know if you have met 坐isfactory Academic Progress (SAP) at your previous institution. 更多爱游戏电子竞技SAP的信息
  3. 金融援助 and Class Attendance

    1. You can add classes until the first day of class or drop classes during the Drop period without consequence.
    2. 联邦财政援助计划要求你通过上课来“赚取”你的资助. 如果你退出课程,你的“获得”的援助将被调整. 如果你被报告为教授从未出席, you will be dropped and your aid adjusted with a refund based on your full-time/part-time status change or schedule change. The Never Attended reporting period is within 10 calendar days from the start of the term. Talk to a Student Financial Services advisor at Polk State 之前 making any changes in your schedule.
    3. 不要在没有提交正式退学证明的情况下就不去上课! 你可能会被要求偿还所有的经济援助!
  4. 金融援助 and Purchasing Books

    If your financial aid award covers 书, 你可以通过介绍爱游戏电子竞技来收费 身份证 to Barnes and Noble 书店 每学期开学前在校收费期间. 看到 college academic calendar 对于这些日期.

  5. Unused 金融援助 Funds

    退还超出学期学费的经济援助, 书, 费用在每学期最后一次退学日之后大约14天处理. 看到 college academic calendar 对日期.  Late awards and refunds are processed weekly.

    Funds will go to your BankMobile卡 or the account you designated.


    If you fail to attend during the first 10 days of class and a professor reports you, you will be dropped from your classes. 你的退学助学金将不予颁发. 如果你的全职/兼职身份发生变化,你的奖学金也会随之调整.

  6. The Federal 佩尔助学金


    1. Gather your information.
      • Prior year’s W-2 forms
      • Federal income tax returns (or estimates)
      • 银行对账单
      • 你的外国人登记号码(如果你是合格的非公民)
      • Your federal student aid ID and password are required to electronically sign your FAFSA. You can set up your ID and password at www.fafsa.ed.政府
      • 如果你是一个独立的学生,你父母的信息
    2. 爱游戏电子竞技’s Code number – 001514

    After you receive your information, check your PASSPORT and Polk State e-mail for instructions about further information that 五月 be needed.

    It is your responsibility to check your Polk State e-mail account regularly for important updates. For disbursement days, see the college academic calendar.

    Go fafsa.ed.政府 to complete the application.

    How long will it take to receive notifications from the department of education about my FAFSA?


    • By e-mail: 3 to 5 days
    • By mail: 7 to 10 days

    I just completed my FAFSA,但是不到四周就要开学了. 现在?

    1. 准备好自费支付学费、杂费和书本费. Consider the 学费 Payment Plan.
    2. When your application is processed, and if you are eligible and receive an award, you can adjust your 学费 Payment Plan.
    3.  Consider starting classes in the 12-week or Fastrack 2 session to give Financial Services time to process your aid application.

    FAFSA要求我的父母的信息,如果我是依赖. How do I know if I am independent?

    1. 如果你符合以下类别之一,你就是独立的:
      • Born 之前 January 1, 1995
      • 结婚了
      • Working on a master’s or doctorate program
      • Serving on active duty in the U.S. 武装部队
      • 美国退伍军人.S. 武装部队
      • 有孩子,并提供一半以上的支持
      • 你父母在你13岁时就去世了
      • Were in foster care since turning age 13
      • Have dependents (other than children or spouse) who live with you and you provide more than half of their support
      • 自13岁起是否受法院抚养或监护
      • Currently are or were an emancipated minor
      • Currently are or were in legal guardianship
      • 目前无家可归或有无家可归的危险
    2.  If you’re NOT in one of these categories and feel you should qualify as independent, contact Student Financial Services at 863.297.1004 or financialaid@波尔克.edu.


     我的财务状况与我提交FAFSA时完全不同. 我该怎么办??

    1. 如果你或你的父母在收入上有显著的差异, 或者今年支付了异常高额的医疗费用, meet with a Student Financial Services advisor.
    2. You 五月 be asked to provide detailed documentation to receive special consideration for a professional judgment about your circumstances. Contact Financial Services at 863.297.1004 or financialaid@波尔克.edu.


    Can I get help completing the FAFSA?

    1. Workshops are regularly scheduled on the 冬天还, JDA-湖威尔士, and 莱克兰 campuses. 点击 在这里 for more information on workshops.
    2. Assistance is also available through fafsa.ed.政府 and in the Student Financial Services office.
  7. Federal Student Loans

    Does the College offer short term loans?

    No. But we offer Federal Stafford loans.

    What is a federal loan?

    贷款是借来的钱,必须连本带利偿还. 如果你的助学金/奖学金不足以支付你的教育费用, a low-interest federal loan is an option. 直接贷款有两种基本类型:补贴贷款和无补贴贷款.

    有关直接贷款计划的更多信息,请访问 热门产品.政府.


    You must complete the Free Application for Federal Student 援助 (FAFSA) found online at fafsa.ed.政府. 你收到的奖励信会让你知道你是否有资格获得贷款. 您还必须填写波尔克州申请贷款奖励表格, a master promissory note, and have an entrance counseling session.

    热门产品.政府 and complete the master promissory note, complete the required counseling, 然后将你的贷款申请表提交给爱游戏电子竞技的学生金融服务中心.

  8. 明亮的未来

    How do I apply for 明亮的未来?

    光明未来的申请在高中处理. 请联系你的高中辅导员了解更多信息.

    明亮的未来 students will be responsible for the difference in the 明亮的未来 award and the cost of tuition and fees, which must be paid by the student’s due date.

    Your award will show on the 金融援助 Recipient History screen of your application at floridastudentfinancialaid.org.


    看到 current established award amount per credit hour on the 明亮的未来 website at floridastudentfinancialaid.org.

    Do bright futures recipients have to repay the cost for courses withdrawn from at 爱游戏电子竞技?

    是的. Repayment for the cost of withdrawn courses is required to renew a 明亮的未来 award at the end of the spring term for a subsequent academic year. You won’t be able to renew your 明亮的未来 award until repayment or an arrangement to reimburse is made.

    Do I have to be a full-time student to receive B正确的期货?

    你不需要全日制注册就可以获得光明期货基金. Part-time students must enroll in a minimum of 6 semester hours per term (or the equivalent). Part-time students must earn the required number of hours for which they were funded.

    For more information, go to the state’s 明亮的未来 website.


  9. Other Florida Student 援助

    佛罗里达州为学生提供各种援助和奖学金.  在佛罗里达学生奖学金和助学金计划网站上获得更多信息 在这里.

  10. 佛罗里达预付


    You can do automatic self-authorization on 护照 by clicking the View FL Prepaid icon on the homepage, select the term you are authorizing, 然后点击继续. A message stating Coverage Accepted will appear on the screen and your authorization is successful.

    I have Florida prepaid.  Why do I have to pay part of my fees?

    The type of fees that are covered by 佛罗里达预付 depend on the type of plan that was purchased and the year in which the contract was purchased. 你支付的费用不属于你的计划.

    佛罗里达预付 will always have a minimum fee that is not covered by the plan and must be paid by other means. 如果你在新学期有未偿余额, 您将无法注册,直到它被满足.  You will have a financial hold.

    Also note that if a class is a third attempt 佛罗里达预付 will not pay the out-of-state portion of your fees.


    佛罗里达预付费公司上学期帮我付了一部分学费,剩下的部分由我来付.  why am I getting a bill?

    T在这里 are many reasons a bill 五月 be generated. 如果您在自付费用后收到账单, please refer to the contact information located on your bill or review your 佛罗里达预付 status 在这里  and log into MY Account.


    我该怎么办? if I have 佛罗里达预付, but I cannot self-authorize or I get an error message?

    Verify your account status with 佛罗里达预付 and that your Social Security number is correct in both FL Prepaid records and Polk State admission records.


  11. Polk State 基金会 奖学金

    The Polk State 基金会 offers many scholarships to students from private funding sources.  申请时间为每年2月1日至3月15日.

    点击 在这里 for more information.

  12. State Exemptions and Waivers

    Do I qualify for a state exemption of fees?

    The state of Florida offers a variety of tuition and fee exemptions to persons who have experienced extraordinary challenges in their lives. Each exemption has specific criteria. 招生办公室可以帮助你确定你是否符合资格.

    Some common exemptions:

    • Students adopted from the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) after 五月 5, 1997
    • Students who at 18 are/were in the custody of the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF)
    • Recipients of the Purple Heart
    • Spouse of a deceased state employee
    • Persons found to be wrongfully incarcerated
    • Children of fallen law enforcement officers

    For all state exemptions, see the following 佛罗里达的律例 (1009.25, 1009.26, 961.061, 288.8175和112.19).

    All exemptions must be applied to your record 之前 交单截止日期.

  13. State Employee Benefit


    Complete and submit the State Employee 学费 Waiver Program – Intent to Apply form which is available through your employer. 阅读并理解在爱游戏电子竞技使用福利的指导方针. 你可以随时向导师或在线注册.


    检查 Florida State 学费 Waiver Guidelines爱游戏电子竞技完成州立雇员课程 学费 Waiver form.

  14. 学费 Payment Plan

    爱游戏电子竞技使用金融供应商为学生提供学费支付计划.  有关详情,请按 在这里.

  15. 资深的好处

    Visit our Veteran’s page 在这里.