Students must complete the application process by the semester deadlines below. If your application is incomplete by the deadline of your intended admission semester, 你可能会被考虑下学期入学.

  • 秋季学期(八月下旬至十二月中旬):六月一日
  • 春季学期(1月初至5月初):11月1日
  • 夏季学期(5月初至8月初):4月1日

Allow 10 working days for processing after all your documents have been submitted and received by the college. Be aware that processing time for transcripts can take up to six weeks.



爱游戏电子竞技 是否被授权招收非移民外国学生, 归类为国际学生(F-1签证), 职业学生(M-1签证), 或其他非移民签证持有人. International Students who hold an F-1 visa enter the United States specifically for the purpose of obtaining English language training or to pursue a prescribed program of study, 其中包括科学助理, 文科副学士, 学士学位. Students with an M-1 visa enter the United States to pursue vocational training, which includes certificates and associate of applied science degrees. 持有F-1和M-1签证的学生 要求 全日制上学, 哪一个是每学期最少12个学分, and pay the out-of-state tuition and fees during their entire enrollment at 爱游戏电子竞技.

Anyone who enters the United States on a visa type other than F-1 or M-1 is 在这里 for a purpose other than education. Most are eligible to attend school at 爱游戏电子竞技 part time while maintaining the status of their nonimmigrant visa. 的 exceptions include B1 or B2 Tourist visas and J-1 Exchange Student visas. Persons holding these visa types who wish to attend Polk State may apply as an International Student and, 在接受, may either change their status while remaining 在这里 in the United States or return home to apply for an F-1 or M-1 student visa.

Most holders of a nonimmigrant visa are 要求 to pay out-of-state tuition and fees; however, t在这里 are a few visa types that may qualify for Florida residency for tuition purposes after one year of residency in a valid, 合资格签证类别. 你可以填写一份 住院医师宣言》 来决定你是否有资格获得州内学费.

爱游戏电子竞技 students interested in International travel should go to the 全球计划 页面.

特别注意: 非美国学生.S. 公民必须每学期提交文件:春季, 秋天, 至于学生的法律地位.  A ZI hold will remain on the student record for the duration of academic studies at Polk State.  当提供文档时, the student hold is overridden for the term allowing students to register.


第一步-完成免费应用程序在 波尔克.edu

  • 通过点击完成在线免费入学申请 在这里. 您也可以在浏览器中输入以下网址: 护照.波尔克.edu/Genesis/student/applogon.jsp
    • You will receive a confirmation email with additional instructions, 一般在提交申请后一周内.
    • 您还需要完成两个额外的步骤:
      • 经济资助证明
        • 支持宣誓书 is 要求 for any individual or any commercial organization that will be sponsoring your education. 请列印其中一份表格 每一个赞助商. Each sponsor must also submit a recent bank statement showing the funds they have committed to your education are readily available.  的 支持宣誓书 needs to be submitted within the six months prior to the start date of the semester you intend to start classes. 如果你没有被你想要的学期录取, you will need to submit an updated 支持宣誓书 and bank statements to be considered for a subsequent semester.
      • 国际学生申请

第二步 -提交正式成绩单

第三步 -提供经济支持证明

  • An 支持宣誓书 每个保荐人都需要什么.
    • Recent bank statement(s) from 每一个赞助商 showing funds promised are readily available.
    • 的 支持宣誓书 needs to be submitted within the six months prior to the start date of the semester you intend to start classes. 如果你没有被你想要的学期录取, you will need to submit an updated 支持宣誓书 and bank statements to be considered for a subsequent semester.
  • International students do not qualify for any US federal financial assistance.

第四步 -完成测试和安置要求

  • 英语水平证明:
    • 母语宣誓书
      如果英语是你的母语,并在宣誓书上列出, 请列印及填写此誓章.
    • Test of English as a Foreign Language (托福考试) or the 国际英语语言测试系统 for Study (IELTS): If English is not your native language, 你必须证明你的英语水平.
      • 托福考试是证明英语熟练程度的最常用手段. 美国教育考试服务中心网站提供有关托福考试的信息 托福考试.org. 要达到61分才能确立英语水平.
      • 国际英语语言测试系统 也接受雅思成绩. 5分.5分才能达到英语水平.
    • Proof of completion of a regionally-accredited English Language program.
  • 英语水平(LOEP)
    • If you do not meet the 托福考试 requirements, you may begin your studies at 爱游戏电子竞技 in the 学术英语(EAP) ,提供英语教学. LOEP是EAP课程的入学考试.
    • It is highly recommended that the student have a basic understanding of the English language before entering EAP.
  • 高等教育准备测验(PERT)
    • This is the college placement test you will take upon arrival at 爱游戏电子竞技.  通过单击进行样例测试 在这里. 无需登录.


  • 录取通知书和SEVIS I-20的收据
    • International students who provide all of the 要求 admission documents above and meet all the requirements for admission by the semester deadline will be issued an acceptance letter and a SEVIS I-20, 非移民学生资格证书(F-1或M-1).
      • 的 SEVIS I-20 is used to show acceptance to 爱游戏电子竞技 and to complete the DS-160 非移民签证申请
  • Once you have received your I-20, you will need to pay the I-901 SEVIS fee. 你可以在网上支付 www.fmjfee.com or you can follow the directions on the I-901 form sent with your SEVIS I-20. Print your I-901 receipt; you will need it at your visa interview.
  • 签证
    • 通过填写DS-160表格在线申请学生签证 非移民签证申请.
    • 预约在 最近的美国大使馆 办理签证面试.
    • 收到F-1或M-1签证后,申请你的签证 医疗保险 在线. 的 医疗保险 students purchase must include basic medical coverage, 紧急医疗保险, 医疗后送和遣返.
    • 安排旅行.

第六步 -抵达美国并向爱游戏电子竞技报到

  • 到来 & 报告程序 document describes the procedures to follow upon receipt of your SEVIS I-20.
  • It is 要求 to officially report to Polk State’s International Student Office within the first 15 days of the semester. 带上你的护照,I-20,还有 i - 94打印输出 来自网络.


  • 参加国际学生迎新活动.
  • 注册迎新课程.
  • 交学费.


联系国际学生服务 国际@波尔克.edu 或访问: